O-FISH-al GECKO Legends

Presented by First Florida Frontiers and City of Imagination

  • How Gecko Gabella got her Sea Legs Landing her in Weird and Wonderful Gulfport, Florida

    by Rose Marie-Seawall

    Arr, me hearty, how can me tell a pirate adventure of woe and wonder without shedding a salty tear for me dear mumsey, who keeps me close to ‘er heart when ill will is gurglin’ around me.

    It is ‘er who wishes me into this world, and it is ‘er who saves me from it. For on a moonless starlit night, long, long ago, the fairies flutter from their Clam Bayou hollows to gather over the gentle blue waves rolling in from Boca Ciega Bay. As they celebrate the first glimpse of the new spring greening, me mumsey cries out for a giant green lizard babe to fill ‘er barren days.

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  • Gecko Legend Two

    The Legend of the Gecko

    by Susan Masztak

    Once upon a time a baby gecko was abandoned in the forest in the North.

    After some time had passed and she had grown, she realized that she wasn’t like all the other animals. She was just as pretty, just as athletic, with four legs and a tail, and maybe her toes were stickier than most, but she just didn’t fit in with the forest animals that lived there. Because of seeing herself clothed in a recurring dream, she had acquired a taste not only for clothes but for floral patterns, so all the clothes she wore were prints of bright pink and yellow hibiscus flowers and palm trees. Her clothes were so bright that they scared the forest animals. Out of fear, one snowy winter night, they drove her out of the forest.

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  • Gecko Legend Three

    How the Gecko Became the Goddess of Gulfport

    by Renee Proulx

    A long, long time ago, before there was a Gulfport, a giant sea turtle sailed up to the coast of what is now Florida.

    The sea turtle sailed? Yes, it did. It had been swimming up from the South Seas and took on a passenger-a giant, Kawekaweau (ca-wec-a-wow) gecko. To be more precise, the gecko was doing the sailing. The turtle was the sailing ship. You might ask, “How did such an odd combination of reptiles come to be sailing together?”

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