Gecko Legend Two

Gecko Legend Two


The Legend of the Gecko

by Susan Masztak

Once upon a time a baby gecko was abandoned in the forest in the North.

After some time had passed and she had grown, she realized that she wasn’t like all the other animals. She was just as pretty, just as athletic, with four legs and a tail, and maybe her toes were stickier than most, but she just didn’t fit in with the forest animals that lived there. Because of seeing herself clothed in a recurring dream, she had acquired a taste not only for clothes but for floral patterns, so all the clothes she wore were prints of bright pink and yellow hibiscus flowers and palm trees. Her clothes were so bright that they scared the forest animals. Out of fear, one snowy winter night, they drove her out of the forest.

Abandoned again, she followed the sun to the far South, not only to find a friendlier place to live but to get warm.

She came upon a big city with an art museum and a theater. She found some geckoes that she thought were just like her at the art museum, but her stay there was short lived because they envied her big eyes, which got bigger and bigger as she toured the rooms of art. They sent her packing because those big feasting eyes got as big as the flowers on her clothes. Some geckoes are easily scared.

The geckoes at the theater welcomed her at first because they liked her floral motif stage costume, but when she chirped along with the musicals more giftedly lyrical than they and danced more gracefully than they, even though she had sticky toes, they became jealous and ousted her as well.

Her continued journey and hunger brought her to a swamp.

The geckoes there paid little attention to her until it occurred to them that her ravenous appetite was depleting their food supply. Those greedy geckoes did not want to share their mosquitoes with her. They didn’t like her floral attire at all. So they, too, kicked her out, sticky toes, big eyes, and all.

Rejected again, she wandered down and along the Gulf coast, successfully dodging spear-beaked white birds that stalked her along the way.

Eventually, tired and hungry, she drifted into a little town called Gulfport where the residents were having a street party. All the residents, geckoes  and humans alike, complimented her bold and brilliant ensemble and welcomed her into their diverse community. She was surely the prettiest, brightest, most talented, and hungriest gecko that Gulfport had ever seen.

They applauded her features, sticky toes, big eyes, and all.

And they told her so. They asked her to lead their parade. And she did. They named this annual party in her honor, “The Geckofest.”

As the days went by, the brightly clad gecko found art in Gulfport’s studios, as much as her big eyes could hold.

For this she is held in high esteem. She heard Gulport’s music and chirped night and day as loudly and passionately as she wanted. For this she receives standing ovations. She ate mosquitoes, as many as her belly could hold. The residents particularly appreciated that. She found that here she could fit in. She had found a home. And so, she stayed in Gulfport and lives here to this day, helping to make everyone here live happily ever after.

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